Sune M. Pedersen - Sonny Maestro
Surfsmurf - Carsten Soerensen


This site has both MP3 remakes for download and audio CDs for sale.

MP3 streamed radio playing C64 and demo scene tracker music.

A cool, cheap, SID-like hand made matrix modulation synthesizer made by a team of enthusiasts.

Another site with XM-remixes - these are done by Tony Caven.

Tons of great C64 remixes.

Game and demo music mp3 radio broadcasting: C64, Amiga, Atari ST, MSX and console tracks.

Web radio broadcasting C64 remixes.

Hard rock-kind of C64-remixes.

This is one of the coolest C64 remix sites around - features sorting by title, composer, arranger etc. Lot's of tunes. 

Swedish hard rock band who uses SID sounds in some of their songs.

These remixes stand out.