Sune M. Pedersen - Sonny Maestro
Surfsmurf - Carsten Soerensen


This site has both MP3 remakes for download and audio CDs for sale.

Composers can announce their newest remixes on this mailing list. Also reviews, discussions and requests are there.

MP3 streamed radio playing C64 and demo scene tracker music.

A cool, cheap, SID-like hand made matrix modulation synthesizer made by a team of enthusiasts.

Another site with XM-remixes - these are done by Tony Caven.
Tons of great C64 remixes.

Game and demo music mp3 radio broadcasting: C64, Amiga, Atari ST, MSX and console tracks.

Web radio broadcasting C64 remixes.

Hard rock-kind of C64-remixes.

This is one of the coolest C64 remix sites around - features sorting by title, composer, arranger etc. Lot's of tunes. 

Swedish hard rock band who uses SID sounds in some of their songs.

These remixes stand out.